Thursday, 14 July 2016

Farewell Kampung Kiau

The girls are back from their community project in Kampung Kiau
and are heading for Sepilok for some much needed R&R!

At the village, they were tasked with building a new deck for the community hall and assisted with the cooking of meals – which was great fun for everyone. They made many special friends in the community and thoroughly enjoyed the company of the little children.

They surprised themselves with their carpentry skills.

Finishing off the rail

On the deck

Preparing and serving meals

The evening entertainment.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Safely back from the 5-day hike of the Crocker Mountains

The girls enjoyed some time on the beach around ‘KK’ before heading for their 5 day hike 
 – hot and humid weather.

The hike was tough but the girls all gave of their best
and supported each other wonderfully.

Tired after a long morning walk.
Having a quick stop for a snack and some water.

The VERY basic campsites!

Collecting water from a make-shift bamboo pipe.

Having fun zip-lining over Kuilu River at the base of Mt Kinabalu.

And they’re back from their trek in the Crocker Mountains safely!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

And they're off - the first few days in Borneo

Having arrived safely in Borneo, the adventurers start preparing for their two day hike. 

Day two in 'KK' and the girls learn more about exchanging their money and
how to get the best possible rate.

And not to forget the all important food - lunch time!

Some are more adventurous than others...

And there is always time for a quick Bio lesson before the first hike.

One of the largest trees in Sabah in the background

Rest time after a looooong hike

And these are the type of bugs they have to contend with!

All smiles after having visited the bat cave

They will be sleeping in 'KK' tonight and tomorrow, before heading off
for their long trek in the Crocker Mountains.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

World Challenge 2016 - Adventures in Borneo

It's nearly time to go........

On Monday 27 June, these 8 TWC girls and the accompanying two staff members will embark on the TWC 2016 World Challenge expedition to Borneo. The girls will be adventuring the whole July holiday in Borneo and return to South Africa on Sunday 17 July. And what an exciting itinerary is planned!

On arrival in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah’s capital, the girls will follow an orientation programme. They will also have the opportunity to wander down the streets to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the wide variety of cuisine on offer (Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and Western cuisine).

The next two days (and nights) will be spent trekking in the Kawang Forest Reserve. This reserve is a little more than 1500 hectares in extent and is made up of lowland forests.

Following a rest day, the girls will take 5 days to trek through the mountainous Crocker Range, which dominates the skyline, from Sipitang to Kota Kinabalu. They will carry their own kit, trekking through forests, hilly terrain and crossing some rivers - and sleeping in hammocks!

The girls will then have two days free for admin (restocking supplies) and rest and relaxation before departing on their community engagement phase of the expedition.

The girls will immerse themselves in a community project which will give them a unique opportunity to gain insight into a rich, unfamiliar culture. The language, daily routine, activities, facilities and cultural sensitivities will all be new to them. Joining the community of Kampung Kiau (about 70km from Kota Kinabalu), the girls will be near to Mount Kinabalu (Malaysia’s most famous World Heritage Site). The area has plenty of natural and historical treasures. There are approximately 2000 people living in the community, mostly from the Dusun tribe, and most of the residents are Christian. Following the earthquake in June 2015, the community is in need of assistance with rebuilding and repair of buildings and the TWC girls will be assisting in renovation of the veranda of the village church which is an important meeting place within the community.

Another rest and relaxation day awaits the girls before they head home again – with many stories to tell and even more pictures to share.

There are a number of activities that the girls will be able to choose from on these days, including these below. Time and cost will, however, be a limiting factor and they will not be able to experience all of these activities.
·         Zip Borneo – 320m zip-line across the Kiulu River straight into the jungle
·         High Ropes – 6 courses of high ropes across which you wobble and balance – 16m above the ground
·         White-water rafting with Riverbug (Sabah)
·         Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabilitation Centre -  founded in 1964, the SORC covers 40km2 of the Kabili-Sepilok rainforest in Northern Sabah
·         Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre - observe, from viewing platforms, rescued sun bears on their road to rehabilitation as well as local flora and fauna such as orang-utans, macaques, squirrels and diverse tropical tree species.
·         Mari Mari Cultural Village – learn about the five different ethnic tribes of Borneo and learn more about their spiritual and ancestral history
·         Kundasang War Memorial – a commemoration of the lives and sacrifice of the Prisoners of War who died on the infamous Sandakan Death Marches during World War II
·         Snorkelling – guided snorkelling programme leaving from Jesselton Point to a marine park and then some beach time on one of the other nearby islands or more snorkelling

World Challenge is the largest school expedition company in the world.  With offices in Australia, Boston, Dubai, South Africa and New Zealand, they send over 9000 students on expedition every year. Started in 1987 to organise expeditions for young people through their schools, World Challenge has grown from strength to strength and in 2015 sent 714 teams from around 500 schools around the world with over 1100 teachers. Click here to go to the World Challenge website to find out more

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Bien Thienh Social Caring Centre

Orphanage review by Courtney

We have spent the last four days working at the orphanage in a small town just outside of Ho Chi Minh City. The days were very long and hot while we worked on their soccer field and veggie patch. While 10 of us worked outside, 3 of us would work inside with 13 babies - very hard work! We also took breaks to play traditional South African games with many of the children. We have all really enjoyed helping the orphanage in some way and hope they will remember these past few days for a while! We will definitely miss this lovely place and all the smiles and laughter.
Today we make our way back to Ho Chi Minh City, where we will be spending our last night in Vietnam. It will most probably consist of a lot of souvenir shopping for friends and family as well as a traditional Vietnamese meal! Tomorrow we will be at the airport at about 4 in the evening to depart for home at 19:00! We cannot wait to see you all and tell you all of our incredible experiences.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Update from trek in Dalat from Courtney

We are all back in civilization after a very tough four days of hiking. We arrived back in Dalat safe and sound yesterday afternoon, and spent the night at a hotel. It was a spectacular trek and we all had lots of fun and made many memories, although after 3 nights of rain, hard forest floors, the use of wet-wipes to wash, stinky and damp clothes - we all really appreciated our hotel in Dalat last night.
Today we make our way back to Ho Chi Minh City on a 7 hour bus trip, we then catch another bus from there to the village of the project phase. We are very excited for that and feel that we are prepared for any challenge that comes our way now.

We have been trying to upload pictures, however it is very difficult. I will keep updating the blog as often as possible. Hope everyone is well in Africa - see you all in 6 days!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Arrived back in Dalat after our trek along the Lang Biang circuit. The challengers will write up their blog on the bus back to HCMC tomorrow - a 7- hour trip. We then head off to the project.