Sunday, 5 July 2015

News from Dalat - start of trek

Ho Chi Minh City street eats are everywhere. You don’t have to be in Ho Chi Minh City long to realize you aren’t going to starve here as there are food outlets every second step. For a truly unique Vietnamese eating experience however, you need to visit local markets, dive down small alley ways and frequent the many small street stalls. That can be a little scary if you aren’t a seasoned traveler or even if you are. The language barrier can definitely be frustrating. Your options are to choose and point which can result in all kinds of surprises (good and bad!!)

The last few days have been very interesting for all of us. We have attended Water Puppet Shows, the museum, the Cu Chi underground tunnels, incredible craft making, as well as having the famous Starbucks coffee as a treat.

After a 7 hour bus trip today, we are now in Dalat, a much smaller town - very clean and pretty, hidden in between beautiful tropical hills. Tomorrow we make our way to our starting point of trek, we are all very excited and prepared for the challenging four days ahead.
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