Saturday, 11 July 2015

Update from trek in Dalat from Courtney

We are all back in civilization after a very tough four days of hiking. We arrived back in Dalat safe and sound yesterday afternoon, and spent the night at a hotel. It was a spectacular trek and we all had lots of fun and made many memories, although after 3 nights of rain, hard forest floors, the use of wet-wipes to wash, stinky and damp clothes - we all really appreciated our hotel in Dalat last night.
Today we make our way back to Ho Chi Minh City on a 7 hour bus trip, we then catch another bus from there to the village of the project phase. We are very excited for that and feel that we are prepared for any challenge that comes our way now.

We have been trying to upload pictures, however it is very difficult. I will keep updating the blog as often as possible. Hope everyone is well in Africa - see you all in 6 days!

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